BilingualCooking 2020 04 14 

One of our students rolling out a tarte flambée - that could also be you during the Corona shutdown! (Fotos: Klasse 8.8)

Do you want to know how to prepare French tarte flambée, Turkish poaça with couscous salad or German potato soup? Then watch the new cooking videos made by the bilingual class 8.8 for the activity of our Erasmus+ project “My school, my town, my country in Europe”. Our recipes show the different cultural influences on our eating habits.

BilingualCooking1 2020 04 14

Tarte flambée fresh from the oven

But watch out: They look very yummy – you might get very hungry! But maybe this gives you a nice idea of what to do when you have lots of time at home during the Corona shutdown. Enjoy!

Tarte flambée:
Couscous salad:
Potato soup:

Class 8.8 & Mrs Castor