Strange disease attack 2020 05 26

When I woke up in the morning, I obviously felt that the horror shadow of last night had not been able to dissipate from everyone's hearts, and everyone's faces still had expressions of horror and fear. And everyone was like a startled bird, focusing on the door from time to time, nervously judging whether there was any sound outside. It's just that everyone didn't mention yesterday again, probably no one wanted to relive the terrible memories again.

Like everyone else, I was looking for something that could serve as breakfast on the supermarket shelves. At this time, a screaming voice attracted everyone's attention. Everyone turned around and saw that the strong man was trying to break the shutter door with tools that repaired the shelves. The fat woman immediately stopped him, trying to persuade him that there were unknown creatures outside, but the strong man insisted on not wanting to be trapped in the supermarket all the time, and the two began to quarrel.

"Don't be so noisy!" Just as they were arguing, the middle-aged man squatting by the wall suddenly shouted, holding the MP3 in his hand, and said sternly, "I heard news reports on the radio now!"

Everyone froze, hurried around. The single mother almost rushed in front of the middle-aged man and asked hurriedly, "What does the news report say?"
The uncle frowned, and quickly made a gesture to signal that everyone should stop talking. He said in a deep voice: "The signal is very bad, I can only hear something intermittently."

"Then if you hear something, say it immediately!" Said the single mother anxiously.

The middle-aged uncle nodded and did as she said:

"... It has now been ascertained that a fairly rare and special virus has indeed erupted in M city. The source of this virus and the route of infection are not yet clear ... From the current situation of patients, the symptoms caused by this virus are terrible ... the vast majority of people in the area have been infected with the virus ... In order to control the epidemic, the Ministry of Health decided to transfer all survivors in the area and send them to major hospitals in the country for isolation and treatment. The city with the most severe virus infection was also completely blocked and quarantined yesterday ... At present, all personnel have basically been evacuated ... Until the virus is found by medical institutions to prevent and treat measures, M city will not allow anyone to enter ... Relevant experts said that the virus in the epidemic area has the possibility of mutation and deterioration, and the situation of the most severely affected M city in the next few days will not be determined yet. Experts said that if the situation of M city has an uncontrollable trend, they will have to take some special measures to be carried out in the area ..."

Everyone was extremely nervous, but the middle-aged man chose to stop at this time. The single mother hurriedly asked, "Then? What do they say later?"
The middle-aged uncle listened solemnly for several more minutes, and finally took off the earplugs in frustration and said to the crowd: "The signal was completely interrupted, followed by a noise, and I could not hear anything."

"Damn it! It's just the most critical place!" The strong man roared.

"M City! Isn't that the city we are in now?" The fashionable girl shouted. "The people in this place are indeed infected by the virus! And these people were transferred to other places yesterday? Isn't it an empty city now outside?"

Everyone panicked, and there were many opinions. We still didn’t know about the virus or how the government would respond. The debate about whether to leave the supermarket was also getting fiercer, and the middle-aged man with glasses insisted that we should wait in the supermarket. At this moment, "Ah--" the fat woman suddenly twitched and shook her head violently, "No, no ..."

Everyone looked at her in surprise, and the fashionable girl asked, "What's wrong with you?"

The fat woman shuddered and pointed in the direction of the bathroom: "Did you forget ... there is still a corpse in that storage room? After a long time, it will rot and stink, when the time comes ..."

Everyone was stunned, and a shadow cast over their faces.

I thought it was me who responded the most to the fat woman's words. Because when I went to the bathroom to wash my face in the morning, I did smell the rotten smell in the storage room next to it. Now that I thought of it, this smell seemed to haunt me. Thinking of this, something in my stomach poured into my throat in an instant. I covered my mouth with my hand, desperately restrained myself from vomiting out, and then rushed towards the bathroom with no choice.

I vomited violently by the sink, then sipped a few sips of cold water to rinse my mouth, and hurriedly left the bathroom, not wanting to remember or smell the smell again.

After I walked out, I heard that the strong man was still arguing with some people about whether they should break the door and go out. They were growing fierce, and their faces were red. At this time, the middle-aged man raised his hands and waved, raising the volume and shouting: "Don't be noisy, we can discuss it no matter what the problem is--rashness and impatience will only hurt us. I think the most important thing is that our ten individuals must be united ... "
Ten people? But weren't there eleven people in the supermarket now? I froze for a moment, thinking that he must have missed me when I went to vomit, so I walked over and raised my hand and said, "Hey, there is me." The man with glasses looked at me and ordered me, then he continued to say: "We all calm down and carefully analyze and discuss to see what is the best way for now."

The strong man stared at him, and pointed to the middle-aged man like he had planned it for a long time: "Hey! Why do you always pose as a leader and ask us to do what you say? Who are you?"

he middle-aged man said: "I didn't ask everyone to listen to me. I just suggested that everyone calm down and discuss what to do next."

Another argument. Everyone unanimously decided to use a more democratic-approach voting. The strong man, the single mother, the fashionable girl and her boyfriend agree to break out.

The middle-aged man asked others, "Who else agrees to go out?"

My heart pounded, and I was sweating nervously. I thought if one or two more people raised their hands to agree, I was afraid that the strong man would win the match. That was obviously not the situation I wanted to appear in. I peeped at the expression on each person’s face with anxiety, and noticed that the red-haired man was standing far away, chewing gum casually, as if he was watching a good show. And the gloomy little boy was farther away, and had no intention of participating to express his opinion. The indifferent attitude seemed that we adults were acting a farce. I really didn’t know how ten-year-old children could be so cool like that.

Fortunately, after a long time, no one raised his hand. The middle-aged man asked: "No one agrees to go out? Well, now, those who are in favor of staying in the supermarket and waiting for rescue, raise their hands."

Me, the middle-aged man, the female clerk and the fat woman raised their hands. At this time, we embarrassedly found that the people who agreed to stay were exactly the same as the number who agreed to go out, both of whom were four. The strong man laughed haphazardly: "A tie! What now?"

The fat woman looked a little reluctantly towards the red-haired man: "Hey, young man, don't you say something? You are still so young and handsome, shouldn't you rush to go out and die?"

"What do you mean by that?" The strong man stared at the fat woman fiercely. "Who should not die? Who should?"

"No, I didn't mean this ..."

"Don't argue anymore." The red-haired man interrupted their conversation. He put his hands on his chest and raised an eyebrow. "I wouldn't express any opinion. You can go out or stay, I don't care." He spread his hand indifferently, "Anyway, I’m ok with both, consider me as neutral. "

The fat woman looked forward, her lips were twitching, and she looked like she wanted to say something. Probably because the little boy appeared more indifferent and completely unable to communicate, so she waved her hands helplessly and sighed.

The strong man said to the middle-aged uncle, "Glasses, you said you want democracy, I will accompany you to a democracy, but now the result of the voting is that the number of people on both sides is equal. What do you say about this? What do we do now?”

The female clerk pointed to the old lady in the corner and said, "Isn't there an old lady over there? She hasn't been here, but should we also ask for her opinion?"
The strong man hummed: "I think she has been scared from the first night. You won’t have any results."

The middle-aged man said to the female clerk: "You are right, we really should ask for her opinion."

The female clerk walked towards the old lady in the corner. I observed that the old woman was still nervous and alert, staring at the person approaching her alertly. The female clerk was obviously aware of this, and stopped at a distance of one or two meters away from her. She leaned over and asked, "Hey, you should have heard what we just said, so—do you agree to open the door and go out? "

Everyone's eyes were gathered on the old woman, and her body trembled twice, and then she shook her head hard.

The female clerk turned her head and said, "It seems that this old lady is not in favor of going out."

The strong man suddenly jumped and shouted: "Fuck, what's going on! She didn't express her opinion, you have to ask her--of course she won't go out, look at her! The inactive look of her simply meant to stay there and waiting to die! And you ask her for a suggestion! "

"Hey, that’s too much." The middle-aged man said, "No matter what, she is also one of us, why doesn’t she have any right to express her opinion?"

"Enough! I don’t want to talk with you about these damn problems anymore!" The strong man growled, snarled, "I'm done here, anyway, I'm going to smash the door out, you guys ..."

He hadn't finished his words, and there were two crackling sounds in the supermarket. Then the incandescent lamp above the ceiling flashed twice and went out. Then it was just like we were covered by a huge black curtain.

After a few seconds, I realized--there was a power outage.

Suddenly plunged into darkness, everyone became panicking in an instant, temporarily forgetting the dispute just now. I couldn't see anyone's face; I just felt some figures shaking in the dark. I heard the fat woman's horrified voice: "What's going on? Is there a power outage? How could it be?"

"Don't panic, don't move. Who has a lighter?" It’s the middle-aged man's voice.

"I have it here." With the sound of talking, a blaze of light ignited in the darkness, and I saw the faint face of the red-haired man. He came to our side with the lighter, the fire was shaking, and everyone's face changed with different shades of light and dark, making these faces look horrible and strange at this moment.

The middle-aged man asked the female clerk: "Are there any emergency measures for power outages in your supermarket?"

"No, we are just a small supermarket here, it is impossible to have our own generator. And ... there has never been a power outage before."

"Then what can be illuminated now, such as flashlights, candles, or something similar."

"There are flashlights in the supermarket." The female clerk pointed to the shelf on one side. "It seems to be on the uppermost layer over there."

The middle-aged man said to the red-haired man: "Go, let's take it." They walked toward the row of shelves with the lighter. On our side, the fashionable girl took out her phone and pressed the backlight to barely bring a little light.

Soon, the middle-aged man and the red-haired man came back with two flashlights. They turned the flashlights on and the two beams of light were like two lighthouses in the dark illuminating our surroundings.

The fashion girl asked the middle-aged man: "Why don't you bring a few more flashlights? At least each person needs one."

"There are so many flashlights, but the batteries in the supermarket are limited. If we don't use it sparingly, there may be no light in the future."

The fashionable girl muttered: "I didn't plan to stay here anyway ..."

At this time, the strong man indiscriminately grabbed the flashlight from the red-haired man and walked straight to the door. He shone the lamp on the wall of the electric gate. After watching it for a while, he cursed: "Damn, it’s really an outage. "

The boyfriend of the fashionable girl looked at the middle-aged man: "So the electricity won’t come again?"

"Are you still asking such a childish question?" His girlfriend said in surprise. "Do you think this sudden power outage is a coincidence? Don’t you naively consider this as a temporary power outage?"

The fat woman reminded melancholily: "The news says that everyone in our area has been evacuated. Of course, the power plant also ... stopped working."
The boyfriend of the fashionable girl opened his mouth blankly, but his voice seemed to leave him.

"Damn it!" The strong man at the door roared again: "The electric drill won't work!" He paused for a moment and said angrily, "But it doesn't matter, I can open the door with the hammer and hacksaw!"

The middle-aged man walked over and said to him: "I know it's meaningless to persuade you at this time. But before you open the door, I want to make the last request with you--believe me, this is also for your good. "The strong man stared at him hesitantly:" What is required? "

"Wait another ten hours. That means, you can open the door again tomorrow morning."

The strong man narrowed his eyes and asked, "What does this mean? If it's about to open the door, what's the difference between today and tomorrow?"

The middle-aged man took out the MP3 from his pocket and pinched it in his hands: "At least, we will use it to learn more. If tomorrow morning, there will be no change in the situation, or the situation will be worse, I will help you knock the door open."

The strong man stared at his eyes and said, "I remind you of one thing. Now that the power is off, this MP3 can no longer be recharged. If you use it to listen to radio news, you can only stick to it for a day or two at most."

"I know, that’s why I said, wait another day."

The two of them stared at each other for a while. The strong man nodded slightly and said, "Well, then I will listen to you again and wait until tomorrow. But I tell you, at nine o'clock tomorrow morning, no matter what, I will definitely smash the door."

He picked up the hacksaw from the ground, waved it in the air, turned his head and looked at the people fiercely, saying, "Whoever will stop me then, don't blame me for being unkind."

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