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This was really ironic. Yesterday, when the strong man said that he was going to smash the door open at nine o'clock the next day, he would never have thought that he would enter another door as a dead body at nine o'clock. The door in the storage room. The strong man was heavier, so this time it was the middle-aged man plus the red-haired man and the boyfriend of the fashionable girl who threw him together.

The rest of us watched the three of them move his body in the dim light and deal with the blood stains. After they finished processing, the fashionable girl couldn’t wait to confess her words: “I think we should stay here and wait for the rescue. Maybe ... the situation outside is really more dangerous than we thought.”

No one else responded. I naturally understood her intention better. Only the red-haired man lit a cigarette and said with a smile: "Oh, okay, the right choice. Now you don't have to worry about those 'conservatives' who will kill you."

This sentence was amazing, and everyone's face became shocked and tense. I thought about it, I was also classified as a "conservative". What about those who favored going out? "Radical"? Great, it is true that as long as the people are there, there will inevitably be gang struggles, even if there are fewer people--this might be the sad source of humanity’s constant struggle for thousands of years.

The fashion girl who was broken by the red-haired man's real thoughts was embarrassed at the moment, her face twisted aside. The fat woman said angrily to the red-haired man, "What do you mean by that? So, we killed the big man?"

The red-haired man snorted with a twisted mouth: "I didn't say it was you, what are you nervous about?"

The fat woman took a breath and shouted, "You ... what are you talking about! You actually suspect me? God, how could I do that terrible thing!"

"This is inaccurate." The red-haired man said coldly. "No one is engraved with the word "killer" on the face. If you just look at the appearance, no one is like the murderer. But the problem is, now somebody got killed. It can’t be the strong man playing with a fruit knife around his neck. "

"Okay, now that everything has been said, then I will say what I have truly in mind." The fat woman exhaled angrily, "but I will make it clear first, it’s not because you just suspected me, so I attack you in reverse. I don't play the kind of kid's tricks. In fact, I think that the people who would do such things among us, can only be--you! "

The red-haired man threw the half cigarette butt on the ground and said fiercely: "What are you talking about! What the hell do you think I am like a murderer?"

"On the face of your bad guys!" The fat woman said without any signs of weakness. "I think everyone else is serious, only you are dandiacal. Besides, wasn’t the first man dead because he was beaten by you? You were cruel and merciless all at once, and killed the man just with one blow! Later we knew that what killed him was a mistake, and you didn't have any guilt and ... "

"Shut up, you fat woman!" The red-haired man was already irritated. He stepped over and pointed at the fat woman's nose and scolded, "I, like a bastard, so are you like a good person? Don't forget, when the strong man yesterday said that he wanted to go out, you had the strongest opposition! I said yesterday, I stay neutral, it doesn’t matter if I go out or stay, why should I kill him? Well, I think it's you, pretending to be like a good person, are the most likely murderer! Maybe you are now in front of everyone and said that you doubt me, just wanted to divert everyone's attention to you!"

The fat woman gasped for breath, as if she was about to explode, shivered and said, "Yes, you meant to stay neutral, but who knows what you are thinking in your heart! Maybe you were planning about how to kill him, so just said something about neutral on the surface. I honestly tell you, the moment I saw that the strong man was killed, I guessed it would be you! Because this kind of thing does not seem to be done by a woman, and that gentleman, unpretentious man and the little boy are unlikely to do this kind of thing. Who else would have done it besides you?"

I groaned--you were wrong in saying this. I believed that other little boys can't do this kind of thing, but this little boy with strange and abnormal behavior in the supermarket just happened to be the most dangerous person among us.

At that moment, the red-haired man seemed not to want to yell again, and he regained his cynical appearance. He slanted his eyebrows and said, "You're right, I don't think this kind of thing could be done by delicate and slender woman, but a fat woman like you with a big waist is quite necessarily the case.”

I believed that the fat woman has become so angry with the words of intentionally humiliating herself that her face is distorted by anger. She cramped and said, "Well, I won't say anything anymore. But I believe that no matter what, there will always be some clues. I don't believe that someone killed someone in this closed supermarket without any traces. I will check this matter to see who the real murderer is!"

When she said this, her eyes kept staring at the red-haired man, and everyone could see that she was completely aimed at him, just wanting to find out his evidence. This may disappoint me a little, because the person I suspected is not the red-haired man.

At this moment, the female clerk seemed to think of something after hearing the fat woman's words: “Maybe someone knows who killed the strong man."

Everyone was startled, all looked at her. The middle-aged man asked, "What are you talking about?"

The female clerk pointed slightly at the rightmost row of shelves and said, "Don't you think that the old lady who has been staying in the corner could just see the place where the strong man was killed?"

Everyone's eyes gathered in the past. The fat woman said: "Yeah, from the perspective of her stay, she could just see the crime scene. Maybe she witnessed who committed the crime!"

"But who knows if she was just awake when the strong man was killed?" Said the boyfriend of the fashionable girl. "She was probably asleep at the time and didn't witness the murder."

The fat woman shook her head and said, "General elderly people will not sleep well and will easily wake up. I don’t think the murderer can be completely silent when he killed someone. As long as there is a little noise, the old lady in the dark corner may open her eyes and see the murder scene!"

The fashionable girl said: "But I think this old lady has been shrinking in that corner every day. She is so scared and confused. Plus, she may be dizzy, even if she sees it, she may not see it clearly. It's unlikely to want to ask her what’s going on. "

"In short, let's see it if we ask." The fat woman turned her face to the red-haired man and asked provocatively, "Do you dare to let me ask her?"

"Please, please." The red-haired man shrugged his shoulders carelessly. "However, it can’t be you, it has to be someone else."

I understood what he meant. If we let the fat woman to ask, she may intentionally ask some suggestive questions that are not good for him. So, I raised my hand and said, "Otherwise ... let me ask."

No one seemed to have any oppositions. When I was about to go, the middle-aged man came over to join me. He said, "Let the two of us to ask." I nodded at him.

The others followed, and the middle-aged man and I walked towards the old lady in the corner. Based on the past experiences, I was ready and prepared. But I didn't expect that this time we were close to a few steps away from her, and the old lady did not react. I felt suspicious and squatted down to stare at her. At this time, I saw with the help of the dim light of a flashlight that the old woman closed her eyes as if she was asleep.

The middle-aged man also squatted down, and he said softly: "Hey, hello."

No response.

I raised the volume and shouted, "Hello, wake up." She was still motionless.

The middle-aged man and I froze for a few seconds. Suddenly, the two of us seemed to think of something at the same time, almost stunned together, and then looked at each other in horror.

Was this old lady already ...

After a moment of hesitation, I gently extended my right index finger to the old woman's nose to test her breath. Because the light was too dark, I couldn't judge the distance, and my finger touched her lips. Suddenly, the old woman's eyes opened, and I was shocked. The old lady was obviously scared even worse, her throat made a muddled cry, and her small eyes were almost glaring. She shook her head desperately in fright and squeezed her body hardly into a corner that could no longer shrink back, as if to get into the wall. Everyone was stunned, not knowing why her reaction was so violent.

I estimated in my heart that the shock response she showed this time was more than several times than the last time. I think she probably woke up suddenly, seeing so many people in front of her, so she was even more terrified. I managed to stabilize her emotions and said to her softly: "Don't be afraid, we are just here to ask you something."

Useless. She still shivered and resisted. The middle-aged man also said to her as kindly as possible: "You don't have to be afraid; we are not malicious; would you calm down first?" But the old lady didn't listen to him at all, the expression of panic looked even worse before.

The middle-aged man sighed and turned to look helplessly at the people behind. The fashion girl said: "I'll say it's useless, her consciousness is really unclear."

The female clerk said, "Don't surround her, she was so scared."

I stood up with the middle age man and left the old lady with everyone. I looked back at her, and she was still staring at us tremblingly.

Everyone returned to the place where they first stood, probably because they felt lost and there was no one to speak for a long time.

After a few minutes of silent, the single mother who hadn't opened her mouth in a long time suddenly said: "I think ... that old lady seems to be a little strange ..."

The fashion girl sighed and said, "I think it's very strange. Her spirit seems to be not normal anymore."

"But the problem is," The single mother said, "Why is she mentally ill? Or, how could she be scared like this?"

"Maybe she had some mental problems already," said the boyfriend of the fashion girl.

"No, no." The single mother shook her head. "Before things happened, I saw her picking food and daily necessities on the shelf. Her attitude and manners were very normal. Since the door was closed, she has become strange."

"So many terrible things happened later, she was frightened by those strange things," said the fashionable girl.

The single mother frowned and said, "Really? ... But think about it, we haven't seen anything like monsters so far. Even though the terrible plague broke out outside, we are still safe here for the time being. Of course, each of us will feel panic and fear after this kind of thing happened, but no one is so afraid to be like her. She is totally dozens of times more afraid of us! I don’t understand, what is she afraid of?"

"What do you mean by all these?" Asked the red-haired man.

The single mother hesitated for a moment and said, "I guess, will she know something we don't know? Maybe ... she knows what happened outside?"

After listening to her, everyone looked at each other, and various complex expressions appeared in their faces. The boyfriend of the fashion girl said suspiciously: "How is this possible? Didn't she encounter this incident with us? How can she know something that we don't know?"

"I'm just ... guessing, not necessarily right." The single mother said, "but my gut tells me that's the case."

"So, indeed ..." the fashion girl recalled, "for so long, she has never spoken to us, nor asked what happened outside, just kept hiding in the corner with a pair of extreme fear, looks like knowing what's going on outside—it's really suspicious."

"This old lady ... who the hell is she?" The female clerk asked in amazement.

"It seems that she really might know something." The fat woman murmured to herself, "I have to get close to her and ask something."

Throughout the day, I was like a peeper in the dark night, keeping a close watch on the boy's whereabouts and behavior. Although no one but me doubted him as the murderer, I believed in my intuition and judgment. Regrettably, I paid close attention to it for a day, but I didn't find any unusual behavior.

He is very cunning. Sometimes, I even suspected that he knew I was watching him quietly. He never stayed in my line of sight for too long, and his figure always just flashed for a few seconds before passing by. In the afternoon, I didn't see him for almost three hours, so I got up and looked for him among the shelves, and pretended to be eating. I thought I was doing it naturally, but what I didn’t expect was that when I turned to a row of shelves, I was shocked to find that the boy was waiting there, staring at me with a blank stare, like knowing that I was looking for him. I was trembling and surprised in my heart at that time, but on the surface, it was supposed to be plain. I dared not look straight into his eyes, and hurriedly passed him by grabbing some snacks on the row of shelves.

I was thinking, wouldn’t he know that I was doubting him? In this case, I am in danger. Thinking of this, there was a chill in my back. I dare not stay alone again. I searched the people in the supermarket and found that the middle-aged man was the worthiest of my trust and dependence. I walked towards him.

When I walked over to him, I saw the middle-aged man happened to take the MP3 earplugs out of his ears, and then sighed in a low voice.

He glanced at me and said gloomy: "This MP3 is finally dead."

My heart also sank. Originally, we all expected to rely on this MP3 to understand some of the outside trends, but with the end of its power, the last bright light that could guide us went out. I tried my best to control my sad and desperate emotions, igniting the last hint of hope and asking, "So today ... have you heard any new news reports?"

The middle-aged man shook his head deliberately and said, "No, this matter is not mentioned at all in today's news."

I asked in surprise: "How is this possible? How can such a big thing not be reported in the news at all?"

The single mother sitting nearby heard our conversation and tilted her head and said: "There is no report in the news, indicating that this matter is much more serious than we thought."

I stared at her in amazement: "Why?"

"If this matter is still under the control of the government, then they are not afraid to let everyone know. In my opinion, it is precisely because the situation is so serious that it has reached a point where it cannot be controlled and contained, so the government can only choose to avoid it, afraid that the public will cause widespread panic when they know it."

After listening to her analysis, I felt chills all over my body: "You mean, we have no hope here, and the government intends to cover up the truth?"

The single mother shrugged her shoulders blankly, expressing no comment.

I looked to the middle-aged man. In the past, at this time, he would say something comforting or encouraging, telling everyone not to be discouraged and self-pity. But this time, he just bowed his head and said nothing. I can't believe that even his heart is dead.

Just as I was almost swallowed by despair, the fat woman came from one side and said angrily, "The old lady was really scared and stupid. I don't think she would say anything now!"

I almost forgot that she said that she wanted to investigate the murderer, and now it seemed that she really didn't just say it casually. Perhaps in order to change my mood, I stood up and asked, "How is it, what did you investigate?"

The fat woman sighed a little helplessly: "I haven't been able to find definitive evidence for the time being, but I won't give up, I will continue to investigate."

I didn’t know if she still hated the red-haired man, or she was too bored to play the detective game, but I didn’t have any hope for her, because I thought her suspicions and investigation goals were wrong at the first time.

The fat woman seemed to see through my mind. She approached me and lowered her voice mysteriously, saying, "Although I haven't been able to determine the murderer completely, but it’s not that my investigation hasn't yielded anything. Tell you, I already find something, as long as I follow this clue, I will definitely find out the true face of the murderer!"

I was a little surprised, and my curiosity was also ignited. I was about to ask what happened. The single mother suddenly stood up and shushed at us, and said nervously: "Listen--outside."

The fat woman and I immediately became alert and listened carefully, but did not hear any unusual noises. After a while, I asked doubtfully: "What's wrong, is there any voice outside?"

The single mother's face was horrified, and her whole body shuddered: "I heard ... that kind of monster's cry again!"

I was shocked, and everyone else heard what she said and gathered. Everyone held their breath and listened, and there was silence in the supermarket. Suddenly, a loud roar came suddenly from the door, and the sound was harsh and shocking, which scared us so much. The fat woman screamed: "God, it's at the door!"

"Don't talk!" The middle-aged man said, and then said to everyone, "We are all backing!"

Needless to say, that everyone was also instinctively stepping backwards. There was another roar. Even more horrible, this time was accompanied by a heavy impact sound, a huge thing hitting the iron shutter door! I was so scared that my soul was out of my mind, and I was about to faint.

"Boom--Boom!" The sound of the impact was louder than once, striking our hearts with every blow. We are like mice forced into a corner by an evil cat, helpless and frightened. The female clerk couldn't hold it anymore, she passed out and was supported by the middle-aged man. The fashion girl threw herself in her boyfriend ’s arms, her voice transposed in fear: "That thing ... know that there is someone inside!"

The red-haired man suddenly remembered: "Pistol! What about the pistol?"

The middle-aged man said: "Locked in the drawer of the cash register, the key is by the female clerk!"

The red-haired man rushed indiscriminately, took the key from the female clerk's clothes pocket, and walked boldly to the cash register near the iron door, opened the drawer tremblingly, took out the pistol, and quickly backed away with the pistol facing the door.

We confronted the "monster" with an iron door. The monster seemed to know that the people inside had pulled out their weapons, and the roar and the bang stopped. We waited for a few minutes to make sure it was quiet outside. The fashion girl tentatively asked, "That monster is ... gone?"

No one answered, everyone stared nervously at the door. After another twenty minutes, everyone was relieved that there was no sound outside. The red-haired man slowly lowered the pistol he had been holding up.

"You guys ... who said that this monster has gone away?" The fat woman said in horror. "I’ll say that it has not left at all, it has been staying near here! As long as we go out, we are dead!"

"There are such terrible monsters outside! Does the government really care?" The female clerk woke up and said with tears.

"Who knows how bad the situation is outside? Maybe the government can't control it anymore," said the boyfriend of the fashion girl.

The red-haired man walked to the cash register and put the pistol in the drawer, then walked to the female clerk, handed her the key, and said, "Don’t lock the drawer this time, I think the monster might come back anytime, we have to be ready to use that gun to defend ourselves. "

"Oh my god, so we have to stay here with all our horrors?" The fashionable girl said anxiously. "When is the end?"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Fear swelled in my body like toxic bubbles, and I had no mind to think about other discomforts. I meditated in my heart--there was murder inside and monsters outside. God, I'm going crazy, I'm going to die.

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