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She was not completely asleep. In this situation, she can't help but stay alert and alert at all times.

This is right. Her ears had just caught a subtle voice, which was very close to her, and it was certainly within a few meters of her—this made her immediately enter a state of high alert.

Has the murderer finally found me? Her heart was pounding. She gently put down her boyfriend's body, fumbled for a sharp knife that had been prepared for self-defense from her feet, and slowly stood up.

She slowly approached the place where the noise was made, and the hand holding the knife oozed a layer of sweat due to tension, making the handle of the knife slippery, as if holding it unsteadily--but she must hold it firmly because the thing holding in her hand it's her own life.

"Cack, click, click..."

What kind of weird sound is this? She judged nervously--as if a mouse was eating something in the dark, but it was too regular. Is it the sound of human footsteps? Doesn't seem like...

Now she was separated from the sound only by a row of shelves, and she could accurately perceive that the sound came from the opposite side of the shelf.

She swallowed, grabbed the knife in her hand tightly, raised it, and then gathered her courage to jump to the opposite side of the shelf.

Nobody. She was stunned for a moment, looked down, and found the source of the sound--this was a gadget sold in the supermarket, the kind of bear toy that will walk forward when you twist the clockwork behind it. It was blocked by the shelf, but it was still walking forward mechanically, so it made the "chucking, chucking" sound after colliding with the shelf.

She stared at the gadget blankly, puzzled—who was playing with this clockwork toy in the middle of the night? Moreover, in such a predicament, who still wanted to play with this thing?

At this time, the toy bear stopped with a "click". At this moment, she suddenly realized something, turned around quickly, and saw a person standing behind her! She was so scared that she exclaimed, "Ah, it's you..."

Before she could scream, she was covered by the person, and her voice was stuck in her mouth. At the same time, a sharp fruit knife was inserted in her chest. After a while, her body slowly weakened and slipped into a pool of blood. The position of falling on the ground was almost the same as her boyfriend a few meters away. Exactly the same.

The death of the fashionable girl is the only thing that did not surprise and shock me. I had almost expected that she would be the next victim.

Maybe it’s because we have witnessed too many deaths in the past few days. When I stood next to the tragic death of the fashionable girl with the middle-aged man and the female clerk, we did not show too much horror, replaced by a dazed and numb mood. We seemed to be unable to feel sad for others. When we saw their bodies, we also saw our own sad fate.

The female clerk turned her head first and started crying—this time it was she who found the body first again. But the way she handled it was much calmer and more stable than last time. She no longer trembled and screamed. She just woke up the middle-aged man and me and brought us to the scene.

I didn’t want to take a closer look at the tragic death of the fashionable girl, which was almost the same as the previous two people who was killed. The only thing that caught my attention was the weapon used to kill her--the same kind of fruit knife was used in the three murders. There was no doubt that the murderer was the same person. As for who this person was, I don't think there was any need to question it anymore.

I searched the surroundings, and the little boy was not in my sight, which made me sure that he was the murderer—he almost never faced a corpse after a murder.

As I was thinking to myself, the female clerk finally cried out: "She was right... Yesterday she told me that the red-haired man was not the real murderer. The real murderer is still among us, and he hasn't stopped... …Oh my God, the girl was killed when she said this, so now, is it my turn?"

The middle-aged man tried to persuade her, but she cried harder, and turned and ran in the direction of the counter. The uncle was probably afraid that she would do something stupid, so he ran after her.

I stood there for about ten minutes, and finally made a decision—I wanted to tell the middle-aged man and the female clerk that the little boy was the murderer, and I wanted to form a united front with them to subdue the boy, and force him to tell the crime he committed. Yes, I had to do this! If I still didn't tell the long-awaited situation because of fear, it would be tantamount to still indulging the nasty murderer, which is tantamount to digging my own grave.

After making a decision, I walked towards the counter. When I was about to approach there, I suddenly heard the middle-aged man and the female clerk talking quietly. I stopped and judged that they were whispering beside the row of shelves on the far right. This mysterious and hiding situation made me wonder what they were talking about—I held my breath, listened to their conversation carefully.

"...Actually, I have been a little skeptical, but I have been holding back without saying it. Now it seems that it must be..." The female clerk had a trembling voice.

My heart was tight--who was she talking about?

"But after all, we are all guessing, and we haven't witnessed killing with our own eyes. Can we be 100% sure that it is...?" Said the middle-aged uncle.

"Now there are only a few of us left. Who else would he or she be? If we don't take any action, we will be the next victim."

"Are you really so sure?"

I heard the female clerk say clearly: "Yes, I'm sure that the murderer is the little boy!"

That's right, it's him! I was so excited that I almost wanted to jump right in front of them and tell them that I was thinking that way, but the next sentence of the middle-aged man seemed to crash me into an ice cellar, and my whole body was cold and unable to move.

"But, what if it's her?" he said.

Gosh! I was horrified, he actually suspected it was me!

"She? I think...impossible, right?" said the female clerk.

"That may be true. Sometimes, the more unlikely things on the surface are the most likely."

"Then you say, what shall we do?"

After being silent for a while, I heard the middle-aged man whisper: "There is no other choice, we have to take action on both of them. In this case, either you die or I live!"

I took a deep breath, and the chill behind my back caused me to slam several times. My mind was buzzing. At this time, I didn't hear their voices. I didn't know if they have already discussed it, and then they were walking towards me. I was flustered and didn't know where to go for a while--no matter where I was hiding, they would find me! Finally, I caught a glimpse of the corner of the doorway, where the light was the darkest, and the faint light of the torch could barely shine there. I didn't have the time to choose, so I hurriedly hid in that dark corner lightly and curled up into a ball.

I was shaking constantly, and my whole body was cold. For the first time since I was trapped here, I was never so afraid that being like this. It's not just the fear of death--desolation, chill, grievance, anger, all kinds of negative emotions intertwined and hovered over me, making me feel unprecedented sadness and despair. I originally thought that I regarded the middle-aged man as the most trustworthy and dependent of these people, and he would treat me more or less the same way. Unexpectedly, in the end he actually suspected that I was a murderer, and planned to attack me to protect himself! I was planning to form an alliance with him, but he had already formed an alliance with the female clerk, and regarded all the others as enemies, ready to wipe out the others together--this is a great irony! Thinking of this, a cloud of anger surged in my chest, which made me unconsciously squeeze my fists, and my body twitched. I didn't expect my elbow to touch the iron rolling door and make a noise.

Oops! I exclaimed in my heart--I exposed my position!

Sure enough, within five seconds of making this sound, the middle-aged man and the female clerk appeared in front of me, seeing me curled up here. The middle-aged man actually asked like if he didn’t know anything: "Why are you hiding in this corner?"

I glared at him in horror, my body pressed against the wall tightly: "Don't... don't come over!"

Instead, he squatted down and leaned toward me: "What's wrong with you?"

My throat seemed to be blocked by something, I couldn't make a sound, only shook my head in fear. He stretched out a hand and tried to touch my forehead, but I quickly blocked it. At the moment when my head tilted to the right, I suddenly saw his hand behind his back, and that hand was holding a bright sharp knife!

In an instant, I felt the world is spinning and my breathing stopped suddenly, I thought he was about to start! At this extremely urgent juncture, my hand subconsciously fumbled around on the ground for anything that could save my life--I touched it, a hook! It was the iron hook that the male clerk used to pull down the rolling door! I had no hesitation or choice. I picked up the iron hook and swept it to the middle-aged man with all my strength.

Time seemed to be suspended. The middle-aged man and I looked at each other, staring at each other in a daze, but blood oozed from his eyes and his face lost vitality. At this time, I saw that the spiked end of the iron hook was nailed impartially on his right temple.

I was stunned, and dropped the hook in a daze. The middle-aged man's body tilted to the left like a scarecrow without support, motionless. The female clerk stepped forward, seeing the tragic death of the middle-aged man, and let out a heart-piercing scream. Then, she looked at me and screamed and ran towards the counter. Before I could do anything else, I saw her holding the pistol in both hands and standing in front of me again. She was trembling violently like sifting chaff, and seemed like that the pistol could escape at any time. I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the boyfriend of the fashion girl, and explained desperately: “No! Don’t shoot, I didn’t mean to kill him! I just... wanted to defend myself!”

An unexpected situation happened. The female clerk did not listen to my explanation at all, pointed the pistol at my body and pulled the trigger!

I am dead!

I closed my eyes tightly, but instead of hearing the gunshot, I heard a click. I opened my eyes and saw the female clerk looking at the pistol in astonishment, as if she didn't understand what was going on. In fact, I was the same as she--shouldn't there be the last bullet in the barrel? How could it be an empty gun?

Suddenly, I understood. I remembered that when I told the middle-aged man last night that the fashion girl was going to kill herself with a pistol, he said that he would take some precautions against the pistol--he must have dropped the last bullet in the barrel!

Seeing that the pistol was useless, the female clerk threw it away in horror. At the same time, she slowly stepped backwards, looking around for something that could be used to attack me. I stared at her, and an unknown fire ignited in my heart--this woman was too much! She ignored my excuses and shot me indiscriminately. If the bullet in the barrel wasn’t dropped, then I was now the dead soul under her gun. I yelled, held the iron hook again, drew the end that inserted into the middle-aged man's head, and stood up and walked towards the female clerk.

The woman went crazy with fright. She completely lost control, grabbed whatever she had at hand and threw it at me. I was hit by some food and small items she threw over. When she grabbed an iron pan on the shelf and was about to smash it at me, I couldn't bear it, and screamed and swung the iron hook in my hand towards her. The blow hit her head again, and she fell to the ground with a scream, unconscious. I couldn't tell if she was knocked unconscious or dead. I only knew that she was luckier than the middle-aged man. She was only hit by the back of the iron hook and was not injured by the sharp side.

The threat in front of me was finally relieved, and I panted heavily, slowly calming down. After standing there for about two or three minutes, I completely regained my calm and reason. At this moment, I raised the iron hook in my hand, saw the blood stains on it, then looked at the two lives that were killed by it. I threw away the hook quickly, my knees softened, and I knelt down, crying bitterly.

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