Strange disease attack 2020 05 26

Now, I had nothing to worry about or fear. I figured it out, the middle-aged man was right, and now it was the point where either you die or I die. Anyway, I also started the killing ring, it was better to fight against the boy, the real murderer!

I didn’t know where the courage came from. With a hook in one hand and an opened flashlight in the other, I looked for the boy in the supermarket and yelled: "Hey, kid! Come out! I know what you have done, you murderer!"

No one answered me, and the boy did not appear. The flashlight in my hand was swaying around, and the iron hook was also waving up and down like crazy. I hurriedly shuttled between the rows of shelves, smashing a lot of goods to the ground. But the whole supermarket was turned upside down, and I still couldn't find the boy. I was panting badly, not knowing if he was avoiding me, or hiding in a dark corner without showing up, anyway I couldn’t find him--but I didn’t believe he could be disappeared in this confined space. I yelled again in the empty supermarket: "Coward! What are you doing in hiding? Come out, are you afraid of me?"

I stood there and waited for five minutes, with the flashlight beaming in all directions without any movement. I realized that the boy would not take the initiative to come out, and started a second round of searching in the supermarket with anger.

When I walked to the far-right corner, the flashlight swept across a person who was almost forgotten by me—the old woman. When the light hit her face, I thought it was the most frightening face I have ever seen in my life. There was no doubt that her fear and horror at this time have reached the point where it couldn't be added. I didn't know if she was frightened by the previous series of murders, or by my crazy actions at the moment. But this was not my concern, anyway, she had the same expression as always, and I didn't bother to care about her. I stayed with her for only a few seconds before I started looking for the boy again.

After tossing for about half an hour, I was exhausted physically and mentally, but the boy really seemed to have evaporated, completely disappeared. I didn't have the mind and energy to spend with him anymore. Before my energy ran out, I had one more important thing to do.

I've figured it out--I would die anyway, and I wanted to understand everything before I die. I decided to solve all the mysteries--what virus broke out outside? What were those terrifying giant monsters? Was this area really empty? What was the world outside now? ——Wanted to figure these problems were not difficult, there was only one way: smash the door and go out.

Now I had no worries and fears. There was only one thought in my mind—as long as I could look at the outside world again, even if I would die immediately after that, I would not hesitate. At the very least, what I did was to understand everything. It was much more cost-effective than those who died in vain in the supermarket. I didn't hesitate anymore, there was a huge force in my body caused by sorrow. By the door, I found the tools that the strong man had taken out of the storage room. I took a thick rivet in one hand, raised the hammer in the other hand, yelled, and knocked hard at the iron rolling shutter door.

A loud noise suddenly erupted in the empty supermarket. As if going mad, I used all my strength to smash the hammer against the rolling shutter door again and again. Finally, the rivet pierced a hole in the door, and I smashed it along the gap, and a small crack about ten centimeters appeared on the rolling door. I inserted the hacksaw into this gap, and screamed and saw the door forcefully. After sawing hundreds of times, the gap on the rolling door expanded to the height of half a person. Seeing hope, I used a hammer to hit the left and right sides of the gap dozens of times--my God! A crack that can squeeze out of my body finally appeared!

I couldn't suppress the ecstasy and excitement in my heart, I stretched out one leg first, and then the whole body squeezed out desperately. The sharp part of the crack broke my clothes and hurt my arm and back. When my last leg was stretched out, my body lost balance and fell to the ground, but I didn't feel any pain at all—I finally came out!

It's only past 6 o'clock in the morning, and the surroundings are still dark and foggy--at least that's what I thought when I fell to the ground. At first, all my thoughts were on how to get out, and I didn't even notice what was around me. When I got up from the ground and looked around intently, I saw everything in front of me.

At the moment I looked around, time seemed to freeze, and the whole world stopped spinning at this moment.

Before I came out, I had imagined countless pictures of the outside world in my mind, but what I see now was not any of them.

I couldn't believe what I saw now.

With me as the center, or the supermarket as the center, within a radius of 50 meters, a dozen police cars, ambulances, and more than a hundred of people were densely surrounded, all of them were waiting and staring me solemnly. There were a few nurse-like people who seemed to be coming towards me, but they were stopped by a hand gesture. Facing me, a few policemen behind a police car were whispering on their mobile phones. In addition, I also noticed that the background behind them, that was, the streets, buildings, and shops, was exactly the same as before I entered the supermarket, without the slightest change or abnormality.

Faced with this situation, I felt that my brain could not turn like a rusty gear--what's going on? Didn’t it say in the news that everyone has moved and evacuated due to the virus outbreak in this area? The city had also been blocked and isolated. What were these people in front of here doing? Were they here a long time ago, or were they here just now? If they were here before, then when we knocked on the door in the supermarket for help, why didn't anyone come to help us? And—am I dreaming?

No, it's not a dream, it's painful--the wound on my arm and back reminded me at this moment. So, what was going on here? I stood there blankly, lost in unprecedented confusion.

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