A class trip to Brighton


From Tuesday the 29th of August until Saturday the 2nd of September the classes 7.4,7.7 and 7.8 went on a class trip to England. We all knew that for the next 11 hours we would travel by bus or ferry to England. We arrived in Brighton at 8pm and got picked up by our host parents who brought us to the place where we would be staying the next 4 days.

On Tuesday we went on a daytrip to Brighton where we saw the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier and had an amazing view from the I360 which went 360 meters up into the sky from where you could see the whole city of Brighton.

Wednesday we had to wake up very early because today we were going to London. Our bustrip to London took 2 hours and when we arrived we took the Tube to Westminster Abbey where we saw Big Ben, The Parliament and the Big Wheel. Our next attraction was Buckingham Palace which was guarded by the Royal Guards. After that we had lunch and saw the „Changing of the Horse Guards“. At Covent Garden we had some time to walk around in groups of three and then we took the Tube back to the bus and took the bus back home. On Friday we went to two different places. The first stop was Arundel and the second one was Portsmouth. In Arundle we went on a tour through the castle of Arundel that was very old and also saw the beautiful garden of it which had amazing flowers. Later that das we went to the boatmuseum of Portsmouth where we went on a tour of the „Victory“ that is a very old boat from 1765. After that we went back home to our host families. When we woke up on Saturday we knew that our time in England was over. We didn ´t expect that the time would go by so fast. Our whole class enjoyed the class trip and it was nice to get to know the amazing English culture by staying in host families.

Tom Morgan, 7.4

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