Europe in Kerpen Tag 1 – Let us look to the future with optimism.


“Intercultural education is a priority at our school and we are very proud of our participation in the Erasmus+ programme.
Even today we face great challenges: The climate crisis will change the world. A pandemic has been keeping us in suspense for two years already and this week we hear worrying news about a war that might be started very near us. But let us not despair in the face of all these challenges! We will master all these challenges together if we manage to grow together in the European Union and take responsibility for one another.
We have technical possibilities like no generation before us. Digital media will help us overcome distances – nevertheless we are very happy to meet you in person. We are already learning together and from one another. Our joint Erasmus project shows this and we hope that it will spur future forms of teaching.
We are following your projects with excitement and hope that you will have lots of interesting experiences here and – above all – make new friends.
Let’s celebrate Europe together!”
Dominik Riediger (deputy headmaster)
Katharina Schulte-Mattler (administration coordinator)

Botschaft von Herrn Riediger und Frau Schulter-Mattler an alle Erasmus-Akteure

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