Großer Auftritt des Phoenix Theatre für die bilingualen Klassen 5-10


Am Dienstag, 12.09.2023 kam das englischsprachige Phoenix-Theatre an unsere Schule und gab zwei Vorführungen für die bilingualen Klassen. Für die Jahrgangsstufen 5 bis 7 wurde das Musical McVamp aufgeführt und für die Klassen 8 bis 10 das Stück Echoes – the Loss of Lilly. Im Anschluss hatten die Besucher die Möglichkeit die beiden jungen Schauspieler aus London zu interviewen. Natürlich waren nur englische Fragen erlaubt!

Die Veranstaltungen wurden ermöglicht durch die großzügige Förderung durch unseren Förderverein. Herzlichen Dank dafür!

Die Stücke wurden im Englischunterricht vor- und nachbereitet und einige der Ergebnisse könnt ihr nun hier lesen: eine gruselige Vampirgeschichte und Kommentare zu McVamp und einen Bericht zu Echoes - the Loss of Lilly.


Stellt euch mal vor, ihr werdet als Vampir geboren. Das ist das Schicksal des Vampirs Cedric, der aus einer alten Vampirfamilie stammt. Die McVamps betreiben seit Jahrhunderten eine Blutbank und auch Cedric soll das Familienunternehmen leiten. Blöd nur, wenn man – wie Cedric – Blut hasst und stattdessen lieber Eis im eigenen Eissalon verkaufen möchte. Wie soll Cedric das nur seiner Familie beibringen? Seine Mutter ist entsetzt, doch seine Cousine Rosemary, die eigentlich lieber als Fledermaus durch die Lüfte fliegt, unterstützt ihn. Auch der strenge Onkel Igor findet Gefallen an der Idee, allerdings mit Hintergedanken. Letztendlich kann Cedric seinen Traum verwirklichen und sein “McFlavour” Eisgeschäft eröffnen.

Uns hat die Vorstellung in der Aula super gefallen. Schon im Vorfeld haben wir im Unterricht über Vampire geredet. Vampire? Gibt es nicht! Aber faszinierend sind sie, da sind wir uns in der 6.10 einig. Warum also nicht selbst Vampirgeschichten schreiben? Jeder von uns erfand eine Geschichte und hier möchten wir euch unsere Lieblingsgeschichte vorstellen: 
The dangerous sleepover

Last weekend I met my new friend Kayla. We went to the new fun park and tried many new rollercoasters. It was an amazing day and Kayla said that I could sleep at her place. Of course I agreed.

We went to her place and Kayla said, “Let’s watch a movie about vampires.” So we did. ”Kayla, are vampires real?“, I asked her afterwards. “No, of course not!“, she said and started to laugh. Her laugh sounded strange in my ears and I didn’t really understand why she laughed. As it was about 11 pm Kayla said, “It’s getting late, I think we should go to bed.“ I felt strange but we went to bed and Kayla fell asleep immediately. I somehow couldn’t sleep. I was still thinking about Kayla’s laughter. Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. “Relax, it’s probably nothing“, I said to myself and the sound stopped. Sometime later I heard that same noise again. Although I was scared I was curious, too. ”I should probably check what’s making that noise downstairs“, I said, “then I can sleep better.” At first I didn’t see anything but then I heard the noise again, it was coming from the basement! So I grabbed a candle, lit it up and went down to the basement. I was shocked about what I saw there. There was a big red coffin on the ground! I carefully went closer and opened the coffin. There was a vampire inside! He had black hair, red clothes and his skin was so pale! Suddenly he opened his eyes. I was in total shock! I didn’t know what to do. He looked at me and made fast movement. Before I could make a sound he grabbed me and bit my neck. For a while I was unconscious. Then I woke up in a dark room. I stood up and looked around. I was surprised but there were sunglasses on the wall. I put them on and it turned out they weren’t usual sunglasses. I was able to see through the walls! Suddenly the vampire came in and looked at me with his bloodshot eyes. My heart missed a beat. ”Who are you and what do you want from me?“, I asked full of fear. He didn’t respond but he came near me quickly and put something onto my skin. I passed out again. Later I woke up lying on a bed. When I opened my eye carefully I saw the vampire. He was standing in front of me but he wasn’t looking to me. I could hear that he was talking to someone. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed that I was awake. I tried to stand up but it felt like I had a rock lying on me. Without looking at me the vampire got near me and took some stuff that was lying next to me. I didn’t know what he was doing. Then he moved to the other side of the room. He didn’t notice that I was awake and continued talking to the other person. I finally felt my legs again so I carefully stood up and grabbed a knife that was lying next to me. I panicked because I knew that it wouldn’t do any harm to him so I looked around. And there it was! There was water! Not normal water but holy water! The vampire turned around quickly and saw that I wasn’t lying on the bed. He ran to me angrily and I threw some of the holy water at him. He started to scream in pain. In a corned I found some wood and quickly sharpened it with the knife. With all my might I stabbed the vampire with the wooden stake and he suddenly disappeared. I was safe! I took a deep breath. But no! There was still this strange creature that the vampire had talked to. It turned out that it was Count Dracula, the strongest and best vampire in the entire world! Dracula looked at me and …

Then I woke up in my friend’s bed. Was it all just a dream? I felt happy and smiled. But then I looked at Kayla’s face. She wasn’t there but next to me was the wooden stake! Maybe it wasn’t a dream …

Jasmin Jakubowska, Class 6.10 
Reasons why you should watch the musical “McVamp” 
You should watch it because … 
it shows that everyone can reach their dreams. (Mathilda) 
it has a happy ending. (Mina) 
the actors were very good at acting. (Olivia) 
you can learn that not every vampire likes blood. (Franzi) 
you can learn that family is important and can help. (Johanna) 
you can learn new things about vampires. (Daniel) 
you can learn new English words. (Mats H.) 
it’s very funny. (Talya) 
you can ask the actors some questions at the end. (Fine) 
the musical is lively, interesting and exciting. (Josephin) 
Cedric, the vampire, is very funny. (Erik) 
ice-cream is very yummy. (Millie) 
the music is nice. (Mats S.)

Class 6.10  
I liked the play because they also played with the audience. And it was funny. 
I also enjoyed it. It was really funny and I like the way they’ve talked and stayed in contact with the audience. It was a nice play! 
I liked the play too because it was funny and a bit crazy too!

Class 7.8
Another outstanding performance by Phoenix Theater:"Echoes - The Loss of Lilly" 
On the afternoon of September 12, 2023, the Phoenix Theater at our school came to life with a  
compelling and thought-provoking play, "Echoes - The Loss of Lilly." This play explored two parallel  
stories involving student characters, Lilly and Jack, and was about love, mistreatment, cyberbullying,  
and the significance of seeking help when facing problems. 

Plot Summary "Echoes - The Loss of Lilly":

The story unfolds two narratives centered around student characters.

Lilly's Story:

Lilly, a vivacious and passionate student, becomes entangled in a tumultuous relationship with a charismatic but manipulative partner. As their relationship takes a dark turn, she becomes a victim of cyberbullying when her partner misuses her pictures. The play follows Lilly's emotional journey as she tries to cope with the devastating effects of cyberbullying.

Jack's Story:

In the parallel narrative, the audience meets Jack, a new student at a school where he encounters bullying from his peers. But rather than suffering in silence, he courageously seeks help from the school's principal. The play shows Jack's journey as he reaches out to help, finding the support and guidance needed to confront the bullies and rebuild his self-confidence.

The cast of "Echoes - The Loss of Lilly" delivered stellar performances, bringing depth and authenticity to their characters. The play explores crucial themes such as the consequences of mistreatment and the significance of seeking help. It sends a clear message that seeking assistance and standing up against bullying can make a profound difference in one's life. The play succeeded in sparking a dialogue about critical issues, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Joshua Ogini, Class 10.8

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